To say that Steven Myat from Maryland likes ducks would be a big understatement. He has a self-proclaimed obsession with ducks. Such an obsession that he took a trip to Maine from Maryland to see the world-famous Duck of Justice at the Bangor Police Department and filmed his entire journey to post on YouTube.

If you have never heard of the Duck of Justice, Tim Cotton, the man behind the Bangor Police Department Facebook page was recently a guest on The Nite Show with Danny CashmanDuring the interview, Danny asked Tim how the Duck of Justice came to be. Turns out, it started out as the Duck of Truth after Cotton pulled it out of the trash.

The Bangor Police Department got worldwide attention with the help of the Duck of Justice and Cotton's brilliant, and at the time, unorthodox posts for a police department Facebook page.

That's how Myat learned of the Duck of Justice and finally took the trip to Maine to visit several places on the way up to Bangor to meet The Duck of Justice in person. He kind of freaked out a little bit when he saw it.

We all want to meet our favorite celebrities, and The Duck of Justice appears to be one of his.

Tim Cotton wasn't there the day that Steven visited, but he said in a Facebook post he wished he had been.

In another segment of The Nite Show, Cotton told the story of how he went from doing a morning show on a radio station in Bangor to getting into police work and how he decided to turn the Bangor PD's Facebook page into the entertainment juggernaut that it is today.

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