This Maine eatery lives up to it's name because nothing is small at Big G's Deli. Big G's has been serving up their massive sandwiches since 1986 and has grown into a massive facility to match the size of their sammys.

The original founder, Gerald "Gerry" Michaud Jr. is still involved in the daily operations of the deli. He explained on the Big G's website:

Today, my alarm still goes off at 2:30 am. My workdays are long and often stressful and a little scary. But each one always brings challenges, joys and great satisfaction.   I hit the bed tired each night with a prayer that I can, through our staff and myself; once again feed and treat our customers with the same enthusiasm that was so very important back in 1986. To me, the greatest reward in this business is satisfied customers!

First you'll see the big sign with the owner smiling at you...

You might be overwhelmed with the menu names, but don't give up!

Newbies might want to start with a half sandwich.

But if you're feeling extra hungry (or want to feed a family of four) go full sammy.

Hand for scale. Trust me, these are big sandwiches.

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