Jeopardy has been one of America's most treasured game shows for decades now. People have gathered around television sets around dinner time to watch Alex Trebek spew clues to intelligent people as a ritual. But ask yourself this, how often has Maine showed up as a topic? As it turns out, quite often.

We've selected 10 clues for you to peruse, all Maine-related, all actual clues that have existed on the show over the past few years. Time to test yourself or a family member. Oh, and don't forget to answer in the form of a question.

NOTE: All answers can be found at the bottom of the page.

So how do you think you did? We hope you did your best Alex Trebek impression if you asked the questions out loud. Here are the actual answers, if you need them.

  1. What is salmon?
  2. What is New Brunswick?
  3. What is paper?
  4. What is the Missouri Compromise?
  5. What is Bowdoin?
  6. Who is Margaret Chase Smith?
  7. What are bootleggers?
  8. What is a whirlpool?
  9. Who is It?
  10. What is Route 1?