With the passing of mom, I was going through some of her things and came across some really amazing old photos - including this gem. Yes, that is the Voornas clan.

Top row: Dad, Mom, oldest brother Mike, CT brother (currently in ID) Greg.

Lower row: Me and my one year younger sister Chris.

We look like a refugee family that Republicans would want to deport back to - wherever!

Look at this one!


This picture is about 60 years old. Around the time they got married...they were 19. I love this picture. Mom with her cigarette, dad with his serious Greek look. It's pure mom and dad...

Any guess who this is?


I'll give you a couple of hints:

  • The little girl is eating and still often found eating
  • She is wearing a dress. One of a handful of times.
  • That blonde hair is now gray.

Well done! It is ME! Lori Voornas. I found lots of neat things.

My dad's first published ad (he was in advertising). War food ration booklet from my dads mom. I never met him, he passed away from cancer before I was born. Maine trinkets I have sent over the years to my folks...Mom kept them all - tucked away safely.

Thought I would share these pics though because I just loved them..

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