Portland Police posted on Facebook that they are looking for 22-year-old Samuel Curtis. As of the posting around 11 a.m. Tuesday (August 23) there were no further details on the missing man. Samuel Curtis was last seen Tuesday, August 16.

If you have any information about the missing man please contact investigating Detective at (207) 874-8593 or Portland Police Department dispatch at (207) 874-8575.

Portland area news stations have also posted this story on Facebook and the comment threads seem all echo the same phrase: "Check Casco Bay".

In January, a 23-year old Saco man was reported missing on New Years Day. Divers recovered his body from Casco Bay in February. In June, police pulled the body of a missing 23-year old Scarborough man from the waters of Casco Bay after he was reported missing about two weeks prior.

Stay safe and contact police if you know where they might find information about Samuel Curtis.