I think some people are confused over what we call that body of water between Tukey's Bridge and Baxter Boulevard in Portland. It's Back Cove right? That's not what some people are calling it. 

I've heard and seen several references to Back Cove as Back Bay. Netrailheads.com claims Back Cove is also known as Back Bay. There's a Back Bay Grill. If I'm not mistaken, Back Bay is a neighborhood in Boston and Back Cove is a body of water in Portland.

Back Cove...

Back Cove - NASA

Back Bay...

Back Bay - Google Maps

I think that's part of what's adding to the confusion. The fact that there is a neighborhood along Marginal Way called Bayside may be confusing people as well.

The maps say Back Cove. Wikipedia (for what it's worth) says Back Cove is incorrectly referred to as Back Bay. The National Register of Historic Places lists it as Back Cove.

Are the people calling it Back Bay "from away?" I don't have any answers.

I'm sure many people will comment with the good 'ole "Who cares?" Well I do! There's history here. Would we suddenly start calling the Statue of Liberty the Statue of Freedom? No. Why are we calling this Back Bay?

What do you call that body of water? Is it a cove or a bay? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.