Becki Smith (a good Greek) used to be the producer for WCSH6's '207' show. Now she is an author of a pretty spiffy book, 'Starting Out - Life Lessons for Graduates'. 

She made the book for her son as he graduated NYU. She sent out 100 emails asking people for their advice as her son steps out in the the 'real world'. This was about three years ago and I had totally forgotten I was one of those people! I remember being flattered at the time, but

It's pretty cool being in a book. It's even cooler being in THIS book. Here's what I wrote:

'My name is Lori Voornas, and I am a DJ on a morning show in Portland, Maine, and have been for about 20 years now. I guess you could say I'm pretty successful, because sometimes I am recognized at the supermarket.

I have two words for you: high road. There will be times in your life, for the rest of your life, when people are just horrible human beings. They will say hurtful things, they will be lazy, they will be selfish. But if you can always take the high road, and rise above it, you will never regret that decision.

Taking the high road will always lead you to bigger and better things. And sometimes doing it is going to be the hardest choice. Usually the right thing to do is the hard thing; that's why so many people don't choose it.

Bring Kleenex, because sometimes the high road will give you a bloody nose. But in the end, the people you meet on the high road will put your faith back in humanity - and the view is just so much nicer.

To your future. May you, too, be recognized in a supermarket one day.'

Cool! Page 47 if you pick up the book which is available on Amazon and Island Port Press.

If you missed our interview with Becki, where she asks me about the 'low road' here it is.