I spent a good part of the day today playing cribbage at camp. I haven't played in quite some time, but I was looking for something to do with my girlfriend Michele on a day that wasn't exactly the perfect day to be down at the lake. 

I learned the game of cribbage at a very young age. My parents played it while camping and they taught me at an early age how to play.


I used to be cute.

The basics of cribbage is to score points based on grouping cards together in different variations. Combinations of 15, pairs, three of a kind, three or more cards in a row all score points. Here's a video, full of mostly old people, explaining how the game is played.

So my friend Gary and I decided to teach Michele how to play. She took to it pretty quickly after watching us play a game and then we played head to a head. She beat me...twice.


Now I'm no expert cribbage player, but I should be able to beat someone who had no idea how to play 10 minutes ago. It doesn't help that she was dealt two double runs in two hands in a row. I think her new found skill is based on the fact that she has a horseshoe firmly planted where the sun don't shine.

Even though she won, it was still a lot of fun playing. It's mostly associated with old people in VFW halls so that must mean I'm really starting to get old.

Do you play cribbage? Let me know so that I can feel better about my age. Leave a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter using that hashtag #playcribbage.

Meanwhile I'm going to go take my Metamucil.