Donna Harris from the Phoenix Karate Academy, is going for a world record in planking for a great cause!


Have you ever planked? It looks super easy, and it's incredibly hard.

Sosai Donna Harris* of Phoenix Karate, wants to set a Guinness World Record for the longest abdominal plank for 18 minutes with 60 lbs on her back!

What's that like? Try out the 60 lb pack and participate in a 60 second challenge to win prizes! This is coming up in August and it's all for a great cause! Donna wants to establish the non-profit KICKS - Kids In Control Keep Safe. It will provide funding for Maine kids for after school activities

It's at Pedro O'Hara's Saturday, August 18th at 2pm. Great drinks, great fun and a great cause! Pedro's has a great line up of activities and entertainment! This is on the first day of the Great Falls Balloon Festival!

SIDENOTE: Poor Donna is in desperate need of a chiropractor who is willing to donate regular adjustments. She hasn't been able to afford to go and her whole body is out of whack! You will be promoted as her 'Official Chiropractor' and put your logo on all banners and shirts and get you an official copy of her Guinness certificate. Bonus! Once the non profit is established, it can written off as a donation.



*Donna Harris taught me how to break a board. It was pretty thrilling and cool. If anyone can break a planking world record, Donna can!