The Q Morning Show is legendary - an icon. Filling in for Lori and Jeff is daunting to say the least. Working with Meredith makes it so easy. The next couple of days, I'll post what it takes to do a morning show on the Q.It takes a lot to get up at 4:30am. I have learned to get things ready the night before. Make coffee to just turn on in the am. Another smart thing to do is make breakfast and lunch - peanut butter and jelly today.


Also, Meredith and I are talking about relationships and getting in shape. My goal is to lose some weight in the next 6 days - all while wearing my Super Man costume. I will do push ups with Meredith on my back, run around the office, jumping jacks and even some planking.

Through the next few days, I'll post our daily progress with pictures.