As the popularity of Flo-Rida's song "How I Feel" grows, I feel inclined to give you a little music education. This time Flo is sampling the song "Feeling Good," by the amazing jazz vocalist Nina Simone in 1965. Click here to listen. It's really good!

Here is how Flo Rida and his producers adapted the classic into his new jam "How I Feel."

Sampling old songs is nothing new. Your favorite modern artists do it; from Diddy to Dre to Eminem, to The Beastie Boys and one of our least yet MOST favorites; Vanilla Ice's guilty pleasure song known as Ice Ice Baby where he samples the popular 1970's Queen song "Under Pressure."

What I like most about Flo-Rida's How I Feel is that he keeps the original version of the song.  Her voice is so amazing and exposes her music to a generation who might not normally get to hear it.

Where will they go next?  Keep listening to The Q and we'll sure to find out!