The world's greatest game show host, Bob Barker turns 90 years old today! Who doesn't remember staying home sick from school and spending the morning watching Bob as contestants dropped chips on the Plinko board, held their breath hoping the mountain climber wouldn't yodel his way off the edge of the mountain and jump and scream for joy when they spun $1.00 on the big wheel?

Bob retired from hosting The Price is Right in 2007 after 35 years, but in celebration of his 90th birthday, he will return to the studio at CBS that bears his name for a guest appearance on the show.

If you know me, you know that I idolize this man. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be Bob. I owned every home version of the game and practically forced the kids on my street to be my contestants. In 1999 I went to see The Price is Right for the first time and actually got to meet Bob backstage. I was so unprepared. I had no camera and nothing for him to sign. All I could say is my cat is spayed.

Me in contestants row in the dark studio after the show

Today I'm living the dream, sort of. Every year I host a local Price is Right show as a school fundraiser, and am now a real TV game show host since taking over Kickstart on WPXT.

So Happy Birthday Bob! You are the man! Check out these videos of big moments with Bob on The Price is Right.

Bob's very first show from 1972

The first show where Bob stopped dying is hair

A woman wins $10,000 and chases Bob all over the stage trying to pick him up