When I've walked out of One City Center toward the downtown Post Office, I've often wondered what this structure was. 


It is a tiny brick building with a narrow door and a narrow window. It's not much bigger than a phone booth, if you're old enough to remember what those are!

It sits at the end of the brick wall at the entrance to the parking lot of the Post Office off of Federal Street.


I peeked inside and you could tell it hadn't been in use since sometime around 1990, because it was empty except for a bulletin board on the wall that had the official holidays for Maine National Bank for 1990. It's hard to make out through the reflection in the window.


Maine National Bank merged with Fleet Bank in 1991 which later merged with Bank of America.

I'm not familiar with the history of this area, so I can only guess at what this might have been. I'm going to say it was a shelter for a parking attendant. Am I right? Who knows?

Maybe you know? If you think you know what this structure was used for or you have a guess, let me know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #postofficebooth