My kid knows me pretty well. I got the best Father's Day gifts from my seven-year-old son Jake, and they made my day even if his homemade card wasn't completely accurate.

Jake picked out a Hot Wheels diecast U.S.S. Enterprise from the rebooted movies for me. We debated if I should open the package because he said it could be worth money someday. We eventually decided to open it because he wanted me to put it on my desk so Meredith and Lori could see it.

He also made a homemade card with a picture he drew of me on the front wearing a t-shirt that said "Pinball Wizard". On the inside was a "fill in the blank" about your dad and here's a look at how his mind works:

Pretty accurate except for my age (a bit too high) and my height (3" too short). He probably overestimates my pinball skill as well, but who cares?  In his eyes he thinks I'm the greatest. In my eyes, Jake will ALWAYS be the greatest.