I have never had a manicure before in my life...I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. 

We called Bei Capelli and Carol volunteered to be my first. And just to let you know...it's not that I was afraid to have a manicure...it's just that I kinda don't like my hands and have never seen the need for a manicure. People kept telling me that I'd become addicted.


I thought it looked amazing, and still I catch a glimpse of my nails and think...they look really nice. Jen was amazed. She said (and I quote)

You didn't get a manicure for our wedding...but you'll get one for a radio bit.

Yup. That's me. I thought it was easy and didn't hurt (cuticles schmuticles). But will I get one again?

Probably not. Not because it didn't look awesome...it's just not...well, me.

Thanks to Bei Capelli for being so nice to me. I felt like a VIP and ya know what, they treat everyone that way!


God, maybe next I should try lipstick. Oh, that would be funny!