Ladies I understand. After my road trip to Pittsburgh I finally understand why you are so upset with us and I feel your pain. Men are absolutely disgusting.

When driving from Maine to Pittsburgh, you have to make a lot of stops to use the bathroom, and it's not always #1, if you know what I mean. At just about every public restroom I went to, the toilet seat was soaked in urine.

I've been peeing standing up for over 40 years now, so I know how this is done. However, I always, and I mean ALWAYS lift the seat first. It's not that difficult to aim either. I don't hit the back of the seat, the floor, or anywhere but the bowl. You've got a pretty big target there.

Luckily I noticed the bad aim before I had to sit down and took some time to wipe it down. Disgusting.

Listen gentlemen...stop it! Lift the seat, do your business on target, and then put the seat back down. It's not difficult. If you can't manage to do that, maybe there should be a rule where you must sit down to pee until you do it right and then you'll understand.

I however, do understand ladies, and on behalf of the rest of the male population who respects the toilet seat, I apologize for those less civilized than us. They're probably Yankee fans.