A brand new line of L.L. Bean Boots are due out this year that take the classic Bean Boot we know and love to a whole new Maine level.

After 105 years perfecting the original, we’re rolling out one-of-a-kind small batch editions of the L.L.Bean Boot. Meticulously handcrafted in Maine. Just like the original.

- From LLBean.com


Photo courtesy of L.L. Bean

Over the course of 2017, L.L. Bean will release new small batch styles of L.L. Bean's classic Bean Boot. These styles include new colors of leather and rubber soles, new upper fabrics like waxed canvas and flannel lining, and a style that's described as "Slippers, meet L.L. Bean Boots."

These unique styles are likely to sell out fast and become iconic items in your Maine apparel collection.

I'll take one of each, please.

Photo courtesy of L.L. Bean