Using a porta potty isn't quite the same as using your own bathroom, but it's a necessity for certain places without facilities or not enough for the crowds. Forget the green, plastic closet. What I saw at a wedding this weekend is the way to matter what number it is. 

When I asked someone where the restroom was they pointed to this little trailer in the parking lot. I reacted like a lot of people do when they see a toilet in a parking lot. "Oh great. A porta potty." The wedding guest told me "Oh, no. It's not what you think. It's really nice. It even has air conditioning." Well that pretty much sold me right there with the sweltering heat, so off I went and was amazed at what I found when I stepped inside.

The picture is a little blurry, but that's a real toliet! And it flushes too. Wood flooring, paneling and a real sink.

This little trailer is nice than my own bathroom. It doesn't have air conditioning in the ceiling like this.

This is impressive stuff. They've basically taken everything out of an RV except the bathroom. Brilliant.

A hose ran out from the trailer to a water supply and it has its own holding tank that Blow Bros of Old Orchard Beach came to empty at the end of the night. They're not messing around when they say they're #1 in the #2 business.

There's no price listed on Blow Bros website for what they call the their 'elegant portable comfort stations' but you can choose from either 'The Crowd Pleaser,' 'The Presidential,' or the 'Elite Series' at your event depending on how many people you have.

My recommendation? If you have an open bar, you might want to go with the Elite.