Movie Mom says that 'Jason Bourne' is a money grabber and bad movie - BUT she did have this disclaimer:

She said that she obligated by the terms of her marriage to tell you that her husband very much enjoyed the movie. But then she quickly pointed out, he's not Movie Mom! It's a movie with great stunts and script written around them.

Movie Mom very much enjoyed 'Nerve'. It's a movie about 'augmented reality'. You've heard that term before, because that's what Pokemon Go is. It's movie based on a video game concept, but Movie Mom says it was fun and a great ride and she loved the chemistry between Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

Then there is 'Bad Moms'. It's not Movie Mom's cup of tea where you constantly say in the movie, 'Did they really do that?' Her tolerance for movies like this is pretty low. Although Jen is DYING to see this. I think it looks stupid. It's about moms who deal with their tough life by drinking themselves into stupors and doing stupid things.

On DVD. she loved the movie 'Sing Street' about an 80's boy band. She thought it was a great movie that no one saw - but you should see it!