Movie Mom has been excited about 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' for weeks now! The first is one of her all time favorite animated movies - mine too! The sequel does not disappoint!

I absolutely loved the original, and Movie Mom says that this sequel has heart and action and a great story! I cannot wait to see it. She does not recommend 3D movies for young kids and says 7-8 and up.

She also enjoyed '22 Jump Street'. Although it is a movie that has a pretty thin plot, but the chemistry between Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill make it fun to watch and you will laugh despite yourself. But this is for grown ups only!

She also talked about a film she enjoyed called 'The Grand Seduction'. It's about a depressed Canadian harbor ('don't call it a village') with a chance to get a huge factory to come to town. But they need a doctor, so they transform the town - all in lies!

If you're heading to the movies, be sure to see what Movie Mom thinks first!