Hello monster big ass storm! You completely screwed up my day. My first flight (I had 3) was from Portland to LaGuardia at 1pm. Nope. Left at 330pm. Of course, that messed up my connection in Minneapolis (which by the way was 32 degrees!). 

And when I landed in Minneapolis to make my final connection to Boise - well, it appears that the flight attendants missed their flight and that delayed leaving. I was suppose to get into Boise at 1130pm. I left Minneapolis at 1130pm! I finally got into Idaho at 130am (330am my time!). What's a couple of hours?

Now I travel a bit and let me tell you - I have never flown with a funny crew. Check out this video of a Southwest flight crew having fun!

I've been flying a lot lately (Disney and Idaho) and I would LOVE a comedy routine with my flight. My favorite part is when she explains the oxygen will cost ya!

A couple of traumatic things happened to me on my day of travel. First my iPhone crapped the bed. Yup. Got stuck and I could do NOTHING with it. I couldn't even turn it off! I flipped out. But somehow I fixed it (ala Jeff Parsons!). I plugged it into my computer and upgraded that bad boy, and it fixed it! It took two hours, but let me tell you what I had plenty of - time!

I did not plan this trip well. It was very last minute, so I did not pack snacks and have been eating airport food for 14 hours. Let's play the new game sweeping the nation: 'How Much Did Lori Pay for That!?'


That is a 'garden salad'. It's got some goat cheese, mesclun greens and 2 grape tomatoes cut up.That's it. No chicken, no vegatables, no nothing. I got that and a Diet Coke. I'll tell you at the end of the blog how much THAT set me back.

And one last note on this incredibly long ass day. I don't know why, but I have always though that the mirrors in airplane bathrooms are very flattering.


Now, I'm not saying this should be in Vogue magazine, but I should look a lot worse for what I had been up to all day. Okay...now it's time to get some sleep and see Mom and Dad tomorrow.

Dad has surgery for his prostate, and he's pretty scared...I hope seeing me helps...I love the old fool...


That stupid salad and Diet Coke cost me 15.21 with tip.