He isn't a psychic, he isn't a magician, he isn't a mind-reader... Nat Lawson is a 17-year old Mentalist. Mentalism is "the use of psychological, and hypnotic principles to read minds, and influence decisions."

Nat Lawson visited the Q Studios a few times over the summer to show The Q Morning Show exactly what mentalism is all about. His tricks always captured me (sometimes I even got teary-eyed). Although Nat's skills were some of the most impressive 'tricks' I've ever experienced first-hand, Nat wanted to expand his repertoire and sharpen his senses to bring his craft to the next level. That's when Nat got the idea to blindfold himself for 9 days.

The Q Morning Show was the last thing he saw before he put the blindfold on and the first thing he saw when it was removed nine days later. His entire experience was captured in his new documentary 'Blind'. The Q Morning Show makes a cameo in the doc. Check it out!

Nat is off to South America for a year with Rotary International. He plans to learn to master Mentalism in Spanish while he's there. Because, why not?