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Mesmerizing Drone Videos of Portland’s Busiest Traffic Spots
Do you sometimes feel that we are all just little ants running around like crazy on the giant ant hill called Earth? Well if you do, then these amazing drone videos from Sky High Maine will confirm your existential crisis. These are time-lapse videos from some of Portland's busiest traffic spot…
Where in Maine? What Is This and What Is It For?
We found this picture from our friends at Sky High Maine Aerial Photography. This one caught our attention. It's a stereographic projection of somewhere in Maine and tt was this weekend. Any idea where it might be? What are those things sticking up? At first,t I thought they were trees or maybe…
Congrats to Maine’s Five Newest Game Wardens
these five were part of a group of 65 new police officers who graduated this weekend from basic training in Vassalboro. For the wardens, this is the first stage in a three-stage process. Congrats to all our Maine heroes for their service. We love the cool uniforms!

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