It's that time of year... New software and OS updates are coming out for phones, tablets and computers, and we all spend those dreaded minutes updating (which seems like HOURS, right?)

With all kinds of shiny new apps out there, here's are the top 5 apps I use on my phone and iPad. Do we share any of these?

5 - The MLB App


I LOVE baseball, and I love listening to the Sox on the radio. I have a subscription (about $100/year) that lets you listen to all games in real time, watch them after they air, and you get access to the At Bat scoreboard too. Very cool!

4 - Bangor Mobile

Bangor Savings Bank

I'm a big fan of Bangor Savings Bank. They've got great Maine-based customer service, branches all over the place, free ATMs, and mobile deposit on this really cool app. Looking for a new Maine bank? Check these guys out.

3 - The Dunkin' On the Go App

Dunkin' Donuts

This one's a "can't-live-without-it" must-have app. My family are all a bunch of Dunkin' junkies, and I'm right there with them. I use the On the Go app almost daily, mostly because they give you awesome perks like free drinks all the time and easy access to pay on the go. There's a Dunkin's on the ground floor here at One City Center, and I usually hit it up around 2:37pm. See you in line.

2 - "The Big Three" (FB/Twitter/Insta)

When you work in radio, these three are absolutely essential. I'm always flipping back between Twitter and IG, sharing the latest Q stuff with you guys at all hours of the day!

1 - The Q App!

Could there possibly be anything else at the top of the list? Check out our brand new Q App to stream us live wherever you are, and interact with the stuff you hear us talking about on air. It's all in one place!



Get the best music news, local alerts, weather coverage and traffic updates with the new Q97.9 app! Listen to the live stream of your favorite Q97.9 DJs and tweet or call the show directly from the app. Get interactive with our shows, make instant requests and receive timely notifications on breaking news, contests and more. Save your favorite local articles and viral stories for reading later and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Key Features:
• Stream music, weather and traffic updates live from Q97.9
• Read the latest news, watch videos, view photo galleries & listen to audio content
• Submit Photos/Videos directly from the app
• Apple CarPlay & Android Auto modes lets you stay focused on the road while listening
• Get the latest weather for your area plus a 5 day forecast
• Do not disturb modes for alerts (weekend and after hours)
• Save articles for reading later (supports offline viewing)
• Push notification for breaking news, weather, contests, shows and more
• Featured full multi-tasking with background audio and controls
• Share the latest news via Facebook & Twitter
• Supports AirPlay feature for wireless streaming to your AirPlay-compatible device
• 3D Touch added for iOS Devices

This is the first version of the Q97.9 app with many more features planned. Please share your feedback from within the Q97.9 app by clicking the "Send App Feedback" link in the menu.