Sebago Lake

Fly Over Sebago Lake At Sunset On A Sunday Evening [VIDEO]
The latest video from Sky High Maine takes up on a little flight over Sebago Lake at sunset on a Sunday evening. Sebago is the deepest and second largest lake in Maine, covering roughly 45 miles with a length of about 12 miles.
Sebago is a popular summer destination for locals and tourists and w…
Have Any Crazy Weather Pics Lately?
Thank to our listeners for amazing photos like this one Krysi Harmon sent from Sebago Lake. As you know, Sebago has been hosting tornado parties lately and soon a new episode of "Sharknado" can be filmed there. I would call it "Bassnado" though, since it's a …
How About a Trip Through the Locks?
I was just a tiny toe head at the age of four when I first witnessed the Locks at Sebago. I remember sitting on "The Songo River Queen" wondering just what was going on. Now a "few" years later, I actually know. This is a fun Summer bucket list item!

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