Does Thanksgiving get the shaft?

It seems like Halloween and Christmas get all the glory. But snuggled up in the middle is that beautiful day when we all give ourselves a free pass to gorge on whatever we wish! Why do we not glorify this beautiful day with more meaning and give it the love it deserves?  It's a day to be thankful but we've made it more about eating and falling deeply into a Tryptophan comatose state In front of a TV.

Here are a few things you may have forgotten about to celebrate this turkey day, besides that delish green bean casserole thingy, with fried onions on top...

The Macy's Day starts super early and i can remember waking up to the smell of turkey and the sounds of the parade in the background.

Christmas Vacation...The movie starts playing at nauseam.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving...probably the only Thanksgiving special on tv.

A Christmas Story ...the movie plays 24 hrs


Black Friday...let the craziness begin!

Christmas ...officially begins

These are reasons enough to show Thanksgiving some well deserved love...