This police officer was gunned down Sunday July 17th in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A city he loved, but wondered if it loved him back. His last Facebook post will haunt me....

Officer Montrell Jackson was one of three officers gunned down Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It appears senseless - and to read this mans last Facebook post will tear your heart out.


I live in one of the whitest states in the country. We do not have the problems of Baton Rouge...but this post...I can't stop thinking of this man and the hate this country is struggling with. This post meant more to me then that stupid protest in Portland. This is the face of the problem. A man who lived both sides of it...and died because of it.

I hope that we can collectively take a breath, be grateful for what we have, for who we are - and then calmly...try to get to the other side together.