Kids...they are so adorable...loving...exhausting! And yes, we all take shortcuts and do things to get through the day. Here's a list of things that every parent does!

  • Chow down on junk food after the kids are asleep
  • Tell your own 'abridged' version of bedtime stories
  • Order your little one food at a restaurant so you can get a little mac 'n' cheese
  • Check your email while your kid is playing hide and seek
  • Somehow 'lose' an annoying toy
  • Replace a dead fish without telling your kid
  • Lie about your kids age to get free kid admission
  • Use your kid to get out of doing something
  • Leave a dirty diaper somewhere you shouldn't
  • Tell your kid a boldface lie
  • Talk the ear off the cable guy, mailman or any other adult who comes to the house
  • Tell your kid what they want to do is illegal
  • Buy knockoff toys and pass them off as the real thing
  • Pass gas and blame it on your kid
  • Promise that you'll 'come back another time' when you actually have no intention of doing that

I've personally done 9 of them. How many have you done? What did I miss? I once told the kids that the ice cream truck playing music means they are out of ice cream. The neighbors ratted me out!