A man named Steve, or @wolfgang2242 on Instagram, is currently living out a life goal of mine.

Steve rescues animals.

Steve is a big advocate for adoption (if you couldn't tell). His 'pack' is made up of dogs with various special needs and conditions.

These are Steve's dogs.

This is Edna, Josh, Eeyore, Loretta, Englebert, Phyllis, Hercules, Maddie and Enoch. As you can see, these dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds.

Steve also has other animals.

This is Bikini the pig and Stuart the bunny. They seem to get along very well, but Bikini is a bit of a bed hog. Get it? Bed HOG?

Steve has a few chickens and other birds, too.

Steve's rescued animals make for some pretty incredible family photos.

Steve is living my dream of rescuing animals and giving them a loving home.

Each animal has their own personality.

This is Englebert. His back legs don't work and his skin is sometimes scratchy and crusty, but his heart is as big as his personality.

Thank you, Steve! You're my hero.

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