I'm sure whoever invented the automatic towel dispenser thought they were doing the world a great service. Why pull down to get a towel when you can just wave your hand and have one spit out for you? Well this video I took today shows what happens when a good thought goes terribly wrong.

This would have gone on all day if I had let it. I ended up opening the dispenser up and unplugging the battery. Looks like the designer knew it was prone to failure since there was no lock on the dispenser.

Why do we have automatic towel dispensers anyway? This demonstrates that they don't save paper and by the time you need to grab a towel aren't your hands already clean? You're just going to wipe your hands with it and throw it away where no one else is going to touch it and get germs unless they drop their watch in the basket. Do people even wear watches anymore?

I'm rambling....excuse me. I need to call maintenance.