On November 16th, 1998, Q97.9 had just celebrated its second anniversary of bringing a top 40 station back to Portland. We were that young. 

It was a big day for us as we had Shawn Mullins visit who's song 'Lullaby' was a number one smash for the Q. It managed to stay on Billboard's Hot 100 list for 28 weeks.

When I stumbled across these photos it took me a little while to figure out who this was, which is pretty pathetic since I was the one interviewing him!


Shawn was in town for a show at Merrill Auditorium opening for Chris Issak. (He visited too and maybe I'll post those pictures on another #tbt) He performed 'Lullaby' acoustically for our staff in the conference room while his dog roamed around saying hello to everyone.

Remember how I said we were young? The Q Morning Show was just Meredith then, I was on in the afternoon and Mike Adams was on overnights. Almost 18 years later, the three of us are still here.

I showed this picture to Mike Rovin and he didn't even recognize Meredith in it! I look like I'm twelve.

L-R: Jeff, Shawn Mullins, Meredith and Program Director Tim Moore

Those were the days when I had enough hair to part. Those were also the days when hair was parted!

Look for more Q Throwback Thursday pictures on.....you guessed it....Thursdays.