A visitor to Eastport, Maine's Fourth of July festival was offended when they saw a vendor displaying the Confederate flag. That vendor also had the flag available for purchase. The visitor shared with us a concerned email to and response from the festival committee.

The Confederate flag was adopted by the states that seceded after Abraham Lincoln's election on a platform of opposition to the expansion of slavery, which lead to the American Civil War. Today, the flag is viewed by some as an offensive symbol of slavery, segregation and white supremacy while others view it as a part of history and heritage. Because of this, many states and organizations have stopped displaying the Confederate flag in recent years.

This email was sent to the Eastport Fourth of July Committee by someone who took offense to the flag.

Email Provided to Townsquare Media

Eastport Fourth of July Festival committee member Barbara Hicks responded.

Email Provided to Townsquare Media

What do you think of the committee member's response? Should the festival continue to allow the display of the Confederate flag? We want to know where you stand. Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.