Do you believe in the power of now? Read this story about what happened to me last night and what has unfolded and tell me what you believe.

I went to a late yoga class last night. I parked my motorcycle in the a shopping plaza parking lot across from the studio on Forest Avenue in Portland. After class, I was sitting on my bike, just thinking for a few minutes before I hit the road. A woman drove out of the restaurant drive-through in the same plaza and drove past me. She then stopped, backed-up, opened her window called me over. Surprised and unsure, I walked over. She said "take this card and do what it says." She handed me a card, smiled, and drove off. Here's the card.

WJBQ - Mike Rovin

I figured this to be one of those nonsense chain-letter type things that always float around. Or, maybe not. Do I throw it away or do I put power in the possibility that it could be true? I decided to keep the card and see what happens. Read on..

This morning I was wondering how the heck I am going to do eight good deeds today. As I sat down at my desk, I overheard my co-worker Emily telling a story to another co-worker about how she saw a baby bird on the ground outside her apartment this morning. She said it seemed lost and was in a high-traffic area where it could easily get squished. Curious, I entered the conversation and added my story about this card. I asked where her apartment was and she said it was just down the street. Off we went to find the baby bird.

We walked down to her apartment and sure enough the bird was still there. I looked around for a nest and didn't see one. Figured I'd just put it under nearby tree so it was at least out of the way. As I attempted to scoop the bird up, she managed to scurry away and hide under a nearby shrub. I'll call that close enough to a rescue! Check off good deed #1.

At the end of the day, I may not be rolling in dollar bills, but I'll be a gazillionnaire when it comes to making a difference. Seven more deeds to go... what can The Rovinator do for you?

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