I kid you not...this sign was in the lobby of the hotel as I was heading out to be with Mom and Dad on surgery day. That's when I knew I was in Idaho. 

But today was about Dad. He had surgery on his prostate, which is causing all sorts of problems. That's what happens when you ignore a problem for 12 years. The doctor is convinced he has advanced cancer, but will know more in a couple of days.

Surgery went well.

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I don't want to get into details of my Dad and what he's been dealing with for the past couple of months, but let's just say that we are hoping this surgery helps him a lot. Both he and mom are...well, toward the end of life. Mom is so thin...and fragile. But God love them both - they are both still Mom and Dad. Just a little slower, and a little more vulnerable. Both my brother and I are just trying to make sure that the rest of their life is comfortable and as easy on them as possible.

Greg (brother) and I went for a drive to give Mom and Dad a chance to sleep - we went driving around...talking about different memories. Here is one of my favorites! The Viking Drive-In.


I love this place. We would come here for ice cream mostly, but their hamburgers are to die for. I was just a kid, we're talking 6 or 7 years old! Even though this place has such great memories, I also do remember my sister getting her hand slammed in the door of the car. Oh, that hurt. It's a right of passage getting your hand slammed in some sort of door. Every kid in our family had it happen to them.

Mine was in the 7th grade and it was a school door. Next time I see you, remind me to show you the scar!

Anyway - I'm glad I'm here with Mom and Dad. They are happy to see me too. It's hard sometimes...to watch your parents deal with the thought of it all coming to an end. I know they are thinking that way these days. We are trying to remind them to just live in the moment. I am just trying to make that moment a little brighter...