Some people just insist on being nasty.

This letter was left under the door of a couple with a baby who were staying at a ski resort. The baby was crying through the night and apparently disturbed the author of the letter. 

Here's what the letter says, poor grammar included

Thank you for bringing a screaming baby to a ski resort and wake up everyone near your room, several times during the night. These walls are not sound proof and the screams seemed to be right next to us.

Babies don't ski, no reason to bring them to a ski resort, they should stay at home with family or nannies. I never brought my babies to a place like this. I was considerate of others, not selfish. I stayed home when I could not get help. We need more people who think of others and less selfish ones. Your baby screams ruined our sleep on Sat & Sunday (The worst) We planned this trip a year ago to ski hard all day and sleep at night so we could ski all day, thanks to you, that was not the case. Hope you think of others around on your next trip.


The uncle of the baby wrote an open letter in defense of her sister and brother-in-law and pretty much took this person to task. You can read the response on the Dad On The Run blog. It's worth the read.

What do you think about this letter? Should the writer have left it? How would you have handled it if you were in the other room with the baby crying? How would you respond if you were left this note?

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