The revolution has begun. Television as we know it does not exist for our children. For them there is only YouTube. My seven-year-old couldn't tell you anything that is currently on television. You mean there are shows on the TV right now that you have to tune into at a certain time to watch? Why do that when I can watch something right now on Netflix or YouTube?

Trying to tell your kids that back in your day, if you missed an episode of your favorite show at the exact time it aired, you had to hope it showed up again sometime later in reruns, is like trying to explain to them what a rotary phone is. It's just a foreign concept.

My son would spend weeks on end watching stampylonghead on YouTube show videos of himself playing Minecraft if I were to let him. It amazes me that a guy can post videos of himself playing a video game and make a living out of it! He has 3.3 million subscribers on his channel and I don't even know his real name! He is the 21st century version of a children's television show. Unreal. Just watch this guy.

Now before you tell me my kid shouldn't be watching videos about video games on YouTube, don't you worry. He only gets a certain amount of time each day, so I've got it under control. No need to call the parent police.

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