What started as a safety precaution during the pandemic has blossomed into a new way of getting things done that's not going away anytime soon: Remote work.

Whether you work for a company or work for yourself, more people than ever are working from "home". The catch with remote work is that you don't actually have to be sitting in your living room to get things done, you can post up at your favorite coffee shop, nibble on a muffin, and work away.

I am grateful to work with a hybrid model, allowing a flow between working from home and inside the office. While I love the comradery of an office space, I don't work well under fluorescent lights in an office chair at a monitor, especially when I need to be creative.

My creativity flows best when I'm in the proper environment, which for me, is typically a cozy coffee shop.

Coffee Shops in Portland, Maine

Whether I'm writing an article, writing for fun, reading, or using my brain in any capacity, I love to sit in a cozy place with a nice, creative environment.

I don't like sitting up at a boring desk trying to be creative or feel comfortable, so cozy coffee shops are my favorite place. Plus, they smell really good. I love walking in and getting hit in the face with the smell of espresso beans, it definitely creates a caffeine placebo.

Lucky for us, the Greater Portland area is filled with cozy spots with comfortable chairs, beautiful scenery, great menus, and free Wi-Fi.

A local posted in a Portland, Maine, Facebook group asking for recommendations for cozy coffee and tea shops in the area where she could curl up and work on her art in a comfortable setting.

These were the answers that flooded in:

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