Winter in Maine

For the most part, it's been a pretty mild winter throughout Maine this year (maybe except for the mountains, but even that section hasn't gotten pummeled like we're used to in New England.)

Some of us love the fact it's been quiet because we despise it. We hate snow. We hate driving through it. The cold and occasional subzero temperatures can suck an egg (or all the eggs).

The rest of us despise the fact there's been barely any snow. Because we live for the winter. Nonstop weekend getaways to ski, snowboard, tube, snowmobile -- just wintering during winter.

Zac Durant / Torbjorn Helgesen / Ainars Cekuls / Erik McLean
Zac Durant / Torbjorn Helgesen / Ainars Cekuls / Erik McLean

Obviously, yesterday (Monday, January 16, depending on when you're reading this), we had a bit of a wonky winter weather day, depending on where you were in Maine. It started with either a wintry mix/sleet/freezing rain as early as late Sunday night, depending on where in the state you are.

Then switched over to snow. Then switched over to rain. Then back to snow. Then a mix of all the above, then finally stopped.

Which left most of my neighborhood (at least me and a few houses either next to or across the street from me) outside at night trying to shovel the smorgasbord of winter suckitude off of our driveways, walkways, and front steps.

Plus the slushy goop piled up at the end of our driveways by the plows -- or the double pile of slushy goop in my case, having to deal with a sidewalk plow and a regular street plow.

That said, there was one major difference between my neighbors and me when we were out shoveling last night, and lead to the list of 11 necessities I just came up with for your first winter experience in the 207.

Did I leave anything out? Did I get anything wrong? Is something on there that shouldn't be? Feel free to roast me if so.

11 Necessities for Someone Experiencing Their First Winter in Maine

From plows to patience.

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