The Penobscot Narrows Observatory is the world's tallest bridge observatory with stunning views...when the elevator works.

About 200 passengers 20 different times have been stranded. That means they have to hoof it down 25 flights of stairs. The State Department of Transportation says it's safe and that there are hundreds of thousands of people who've been since it opened up 9 years ago.

Take your chances, the views are spectacular. The observatory is on the Penobscot Narrows Bridge on Route 1 across the Penobscot River between Verona Island and Prospect. It's about 120 miles north of Portland. If you are heading to Acadia National Park, you'll run right by it!


This elevator goes up 42 stories. Thats higher than the Statue of Liberty.





The state is trying to figure out why there have been so many kinks in a fairly new system. 130 glitches, some small...some bigger. But it's cost the state almost 400,000, which is covered by money made when you buy a ticket.


Ya know...I'm cool with a glitch if I can see this....