If you've gone out adventuring near Bangor (Hampden, Maine, to be exact), you may recognize the picture above. If not, you likely wouldn't know what the vertical picture was that photographer/videographer Jeremy T. Grant posted to his Instagram timeline the other day.

If you rotate the photo and zoom out a bit, you realize what this symmetrical, seemingly abstract photo is:

That's right, a SHIPWRECK! According to Bangor Daily News, the boat has been parked there partially submerged for quite a while:

The Roamer, which ran ashore in a cove of the Penobscot River near the Bangor-Hampden town line in July 2011, remains stuck in the mudflat... A state official says the boat is available for salvage.

Jeremy discovered the view when he was out on a walk over the weekend and shared it in his Instagram story, urging viewers to get outside and discover something equally awesome. Grant is no rookie to stumbling upon Maine's hidden gems. In his bio, he writes, "I love Maine and all that it is! Join my adventure discovering all the beauty where ever this adventure leads me! #godiscoversomethingawesome"

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