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Through this recruitment series, you have learned about the role of account executives and peeked through the lens of a proposal and content producer. Now, we’re going to dive deep into the thoughts of a digital sales lead with Townsquare Media.

Ryan Sheehy, a digital sales lead, thought he was done with the media and sales life after working with a digital marketing company prior to his current role. He was contemplating leaving the scene and trying something new until he stumbled upon Townsquare and the “amazing company with big opportunities” that it offers.

Townsquare Media
Ryan Sheehy, Townsquare Media

He learned about the company, met some key players during interviews, and has been working here for the past 6½ years.

What Does a Digital Sales Lead Do at Townsquare Media?

As a digital sales lead, Ryan consults with clients to let local businesses know about the digital marketing expertise that Townsquare Media Northern New England, which has offices in Augusta and Portland, Maine, and Dover, New Hampshire, offers.

One of the things he enjoys about his job is that you are always working with a supportive and uplifting team, and even when you’re remote, you don’t feel alone. (Can’t forget about that hybrid perk!)

Townsquare Media
Ryan Sheehy, Townsquare Media

Townsquare Media Is a Team Effort

It is not "every man for himself" at Townsquare Media, as we are truly all in this together.

As a well-established multi-media company, Townsquare Media is a powerhouse that acts like a hands-on startup. Ryan appreciates the feeling of being a part of something where he can make a real difference and create significant impacts in a positive way.

Having such accomplished radio stations with powerful brands and assets is a major tool to have in your belt as a digital marketing professional. As Ryan shares, “it opens discussions, it creates dialogue, and ultimately [opens up] a lot of opportunities that, at previous companies, just wasn’t there.”

Townsquare Media Cares About Its Employees

The versatile company is ever-changing and constantly adapting to meet both the clients and the employees' immediate and long-term needs, making sure they are always doing right by their people.

When asked how the company has aided in Ryan’s success, he responded: “How hasn’t Townsquare helped? Whether it’s investing in resources, creating positions and support roles, technologies, etc., they are constantly looking to help everyone get and be better and to improve how they operate within the organization.”

What has kept Ryan here for nearly 7 years is the ability to make an impact, the feeling of being valued in a multitude of ways and working for a company that listens to everyone where no idea is a bad idea.

“The company is exponentially growing,” shared Ryan. “If you’re looking to not only build your own career and future but be a part of something where you can shape aspects of the company you work for, this is the place to be.”

So… What are YOU waiting for? Apply now to be part of this vibrant team so you can have a job you can brag about, too. It’s easy, just follow the instructions here. You’ve got nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain.

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