She's only 13 and making a name for herself in a sport that Maine is NOT known for ... surfing. 


You might think California or Hawaii, but Maine for surfing? You'd be surprised how many surfers love Maine, including Avery Peacock from Scarborough.

She's been doing this so long, she considers herself a veteran. She's pretty good, too, and heading to the Northeast Regional Surfing Championships later this month.

CBS 13's Dave Eid did a great feature on Avery earlier this month. Avery told him that surfing in the beginning was hard, but she's been doing it so long it now comes naturally.


Her dad lives in Hawaii, according to CBS 13, and the waves there are way bigger and way more intimidating, so she has to calm herself down when she surfs there.

The news station reported that she can travel and be in the water a lot thanks to Maine Connections Academy, Maine's first virtual charter school. She takes classes online.

Facebook/Avery Peacock

Keep an eye on Avery because she has big plans. She reportedly wants to make it to the World Surf League. Plus, she wants to open an bikini shop and donate 15% of the profits to getting plastics out of the ocean, according to CBS 13, but not just get them out of the ocean, also recycle them into new bikinis!

Facebook/Avery Peacock


Wow! What an incredible 13-year-old! Good luck, Avery, although you won't need much luck with your talent and determination.