Whether you want to plan a getaway or just do daily passes, the York Beach Surf Club in York, Maine, is all about celebrating the surf culture in the coolest vintage vibe, while giving you everything you want for that modern stay.

According to the York Beach Surf Club, it's the great food, resort, pool, and coastal experiences which are all about celebrating the unique history of surfing in Maine.  Wait, surfing in Maine?  That's not something we usually relate to with our New England coastline, which just adds to this out-of-the-ordinary experience with history and fun.  You can stay at the hotel or get your own bungalow, and it's even pet-friendly.

You'll feel like you're stepping back into retro coolness, and how fantastic is it that the pool is heated?  They're not just about summer fun, according to the York Beach Surf Club. The saline pool is heated for fall, part of winter, and spring, only closing in January for a couple of months before reopening in May.  And of course, you can hit the restaurants and bars, enjoy movie nights and games, or take advantage of their flagship food truck, because coolness reigns.

Now let's get to those day passes, shall we? Because that's not something you hear about that often.  According to the York Beach Surf Club, you can enjoy a day at their vintage-style resort by yourself or with a bunch of friends.

Just make sure you make reservations for those passes, as the resort says it wants to cater to vacationing guests by limiting those daily passes.

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