I found this topic idea off of a Facebook group called Portland, Maine. It's nothing crazy, but it's super interesting. Hundreds of Mainers are in this group, and I'm willing to bet that every 10 minutes, a new posting goes up asking different questions about the city. The topics range from individuals looking for housing recommendations to super specific questions, like this one Deb Chin posted:

Hi! Looking for fun recommendations for two women in their late 30’s. We’re social and extroverted and enjoy having a really good time. We enjoy dive bars, posh places and everything in between.

In true social media fashion, Portlanders really stepped up to the plate on this one, immediately sharing their local knowledge in the comment section. I get it man. I talked last week how things feel way different in your 30's when you're deciding where to go out. You take more things like age and atmosphere into consideration before you agree to get off your cozy couch for the night.

Okay, here are 15 places that Portlanders think are worth checking out if you're in your later 30's. These are straight from the comment section, in no particular order.

Geno's Rock Club
Forest Gardens
Blyth & Burrows
Empire Comedy Club
The Great Lost Bear
Hunt & Pine
Spring Point Tavern
The Axe Pit

Speaking from experience (and having been to each one of these places), I'd say it's pretty spot-on. Have fun, guys!

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