He’s known for his slutty burger, he is loved for his foul mouth and uninhibited demeanor.

Owner of A&C Joe Fournier has partnered with Owl & Whale owner and bartender Michael Gatlin to open a not-so-dive bar dive bar.

Dirty Dove is nestled in on Congress Street in Portland, Maine conveniently located right across from the East End Cemetery, adding to the punky vibe.

If you think you’re at the wrong place, then you’re at the right place. You may question if you got the right address when you get to the bar and find an ominous mop bucket outside but open the door and you’ll walk right into a graphic oasis.

Meghan Morrison Townsquare Media

Yes, the mop bucket is part of the aesthetic. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, well, giddy up.

Every local needs their go-to ‘dive’ bar, and Dirty Dove is just that.

A place where you walk in and everyone knows your name. A place to unwind after work and complain about the day’s irritations over a cocktail or celebrate good news with good people.

The cocktail-focused bar elicits the comfort of a dive bar with the ambiance of a punk rock, artsy spot. As Joe refers to it, “a caviar dive bar, if you will.”

Their official opening was December 16 and now their doors are open to the community as a comfortable and unique spot where everyone feels welcome.

One thing that really stood out to me was the tasteful selection and curation of a mocktail list. This is something that Portland is lacking and a small gesture and ideation that makes a significant impact in people’s lives.

Meghan Morrison Townsquare Media

Different people have different reasons for not having a drink, and nobody should have to answer the question, “why aren’t you drinking?”. Simply adding a specialty mocktail list to your bar’s selection offers non-drinkers the comfort of ordering something inviting and unique while feeling included in the scene.

But of course, my fellow drinkers, we have plenty of hard options, too.

Portland was aching for a spot like this and we are so happy to have them in town.

For those of you who are long-time lovers of A&C Grocery, you’ll be relieved to find a hybrid operation in-house offering some of the OG A&C specialties.

But, that’s all I’ll share for now. Check it out yourself for the rest.

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