This Bonny Eagle sophomore is a very successful and enthusiastic race car driver...but she needs your help to keep racing!


Jaden has been been interested and dedicated to racing ever since she was a little kid. Three yeas ago she finally got her chance to race in a 4 cylinder, Dodge Neon in a kids division. It was ages 8-14 and restricted to 50 mph at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough.

Jaden Curtis
Jaden Curtis

For two years, she learned the basics of racing and finally got her chance to race in the “Pure Stocks” division at Lee USA speedway in Lee, New Hampshire.

No speed limit and it was any age.

She was Rookie Of the Year, and 4th in points overall. She's doing it again this year and trying to get to the top 3 to prove to her dad that she's ready to move up.

Racing is an expensive sport and too keep doing what she loves at young age, she's looking for sponsors. Wanna sponsor Jaden? Here's what Jaden says happens..

A sponsor is when you help me out, but I also help you out. Once you sponsor me, you will be represented on my race car, as well as on the hero cards that are passed out to “fans” at autograph session. The sponsor will also receive one, you will also be shown on my Racing Facebook page “Curtis Racing” , and when I give speeches or post on any social media all sponsors will be thanked. If you are interested in sponsoring, and would like to give money to help you can message me on Facebook, email me or over the phone 603-937-0868. If you are interested in helping, but have more questions about this, please feel to contact me for more information. Thank you.
 Jaden sent me a note asking if I could add this to her story:
I’m very thankful for my dad, for all his hard work and dedication, to let me be able to race. All his late nights in the shop making it perfect, the days of work he has missed, and all of the time and money he has put into this wonderful sport that I enjoy more then anyone could ever imagine. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my dad, and I am so thankful for him, there are no words that I could put together to explain the appreciation I have for him.
Thanks for helping out Jaden...she's got a great future ahead of her!

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