Two-year-old Connor Sawtelle, from Vassalboro, has been under anesthesia 8 times since he was born a healthy, yet premature baby. He has two brain conditions and is currently fighting for his life, and could use your help. The Red Barn in Augusta is having a spaghetti dinner to raise money Monday, September 28th! Connor's mom Erika Sawtelle contacted me one year ago about Connor. He was about to have surgery, and they were trying to raise money for the procedure.

She contacted me again this year, because the poor little guy needs yet more surgery. It's no wonder. He is dealing with a structural defect called Chiari Malformation. Doctors also discovered that he has Basilar Invagination. Erika says that like his spine is going up into his brain like a lollipop. WCSH6 recently featured Connor on '207'.

She doesn't even want to imagine the pain he goes through. He has three more major brain surgeries ahead of him. Erika has strong family support - but as you can imagine, these procedures are incredibly expensive. If you can help...well, there's a little boy and his family that would be so grateful.

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