The day that people in Southern Maine had been eagerly awaiting finally arrived on Thursday. The brand new Chick-fil-A at Rock Row in Westbrook opened and people flocked to it by the carloads on day one. I decided to brave the crowds and get a glimpse of all the commotion at the grand opening. I'll try the chicken after the crowds ease up, but I was curious about what the turnout would look like.

According to a press release I received from Chick-fil-A, Brad Terrell is the Owner/Operator of Chick-fil-A at Rock Row and is employing about 100 full and part-time staff to operate Maine's second Chick-fil-A restaurant and the first in Southern Maine.

Chick-fil-A knew there would be a big crowd to manage, because there always is at any of their grand openings, so they hired the Westbrook Police Department to help direct traffic.

When I arrived at around 11:30 a.m, I started taking pictures and spoke with Officer Tim Morrell. He's a really nice guy and was happy to chat, so I asked him how long he was there for. His shift ended in a few hours, but they planned on having officers there to direct traffic all through the weekend, and by looking around the parking lot, I could see why.

I asked him how many he thought were in line and he told me at least 200 to 300. I wasn't sure if he meant cars or people, but either way, that's a lot! See for yourself in these photos I took while there.

200-300 People Estimated Waiting in Line For at Chick-fil-A Grand Opening in Westbrook

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