The kids are back in school, the mornings have become a little chillier and the leaves are beginning to turn. All signs that summer is winding down and fall is coming. Well, that and pumpkin spice.

Maine is a prime location to see the brilliant colors of leaves, but trying to figure out when the best time to plan a trip around the state to see the color explosion is quite the science. Luckily there's a tool that can help.

Every year, releases their fall foliage interactive prediction map. It's not 100% accurate of course. Predictions never are. WMTW Meteorologist Sarah Long says that the predictions are based on "averages/climatology and each year varies due to temperature, storms, any drought conditions." So just like the weather, predicting the future is hard work but the foliage prediction uses all the tools to come up with the best time to leaf peep in Maine.


The peak times for the color of the leaves in most of Maine is the around October 5. Leaves peak in the Northern part of New Hampshire that same week. Southern Maine and New Hampshire and some areas along the coast will peak around October 12.

You can view the map at the link below and scroll through from week to week to see for yourself how the leaves will turn over the next 3 months.



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