It's that time of year again when you look up into the sky on a clear morning and see the color of balloons softly floating in the air.

The Great Falls balloon festival has always been a coveted and enjoyed event in the Twin Cities and now is the time for our next one! This will be it's 28 year providing joy to our communities.

I am here to tell you everything you need to know about it!

This year's first launch starts bright and early at 6:00am on Friday, August 19th and the festival will end on Sunday, August 21st. The entire festival's schedule is here and includes some pretty amazing things!

Let me tell you what I am excited about!

I am very excited about the "Moonglow" which is when the pilots inflate their balloons and put on an incredible show, ground level, with all the balloons lit up. They will glow and give you a sense of magic and wonder.

A local favorite band, Shugah Kitty  will be performing at 8:15pm on Friday evening in Lewiston to end the first day!

On Saturday, they will feed our bellies with a pancake breakfast right on the field at Simard-Payne park from 5:30am- 10:00am!

All of the events for Saturday, in both Auburn and Lewiston are listed here but I am stoked about the Imari & Sahara Desert Dancers on the Lewiston side! It's always so cool to witness new and exciting performances from different cultures.

The Great Falls Balloons Festival Parade will also take place, starting Saturday at 11:00am-12:45pm at Simard-Payne Park. This year, the parade will be showcasing the celebration of 130 years for the Kora Shrine Temple, which is a very special place to all of us Twin City natives.

Justin Carver, another local favorite will be performing music at the Auburn Stage at 12:30pm!

Saturday night will also feature Fireworks starting at 9:00pm. Remember all throughout the weekend the balloons will be launching!

This is a fantastic chance to get the kids out to enjoy the fun and games or have a romantic stroll with your lover while watching the glow of the balloons.

Finally, Sunday will close the event off with a bang offering so much music and activities. This includes a Family Fun Day on the Lewiston side at 8:30am!

From music to games, to fireworks and balloon launches, this years Great Falls Balloon Festival is sure to knock you right off your feet and up into the clouds!


For any more information please visit the full schedule of the festival here.


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